Stimul  is a complete school platform designed to encourage students to work together, compete and have fun together. In addition, the platform must be very accessible and extremely pleasant to use.
In this project I played a major role in research and concepting. I managed the team and kept an overview of all activities. So I was constantly processing information and planning the next steps. What can we do with the information we have, what are we still missing, how can we develop further.
“How can we improve the online learning environment of secondary education students with an interactive, stimulating collaboration overview to stimulate motivation?”

Design principles
Motivation is key
Promote intrinsic motivation

The concepting phase really went through as 1 team. We have used several methods here to let go of all our individual thoughts. From brainwriting to the 101 ideas method. While coming up with these ideas, we focused on the design principles. We soon came up with the idea to create a platform or app that fulfills the many needs of the target group. A place where they can come together for overview and cooperation, it really has to be a whole.



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