Blurry archive is a collection of dreams dreamt by me. This book contains imaginative short stories about my dreams. 

This collection of stories is supported by images. My dreams are imaginary, and so are the visuals. They are created by an AI but also custom designed by me. Throughout this book, I will provide you with answers about dreaming. 

The idea for this book came from a small notebook that lies next to my bed. I’ve been writing and sketching down my dreams for a few years now. During my exchange at KISD, International School of Design, I took the opportunity to do something with all these stories and my general interest in dreaming. I started writing short stories and began my journey with Midjourney AI. I’ve created more than 125 different AI-generated visuals. 12 of these images you can find in the book. All of this eventually resulted in BLURRY ARCHIVE. 

Designed & written by Nikki Westerhout
Total of 4 copies
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