Project 1
Rebranding a Fire Extinguisher with a friend. We bought an old and used fire Fire Extinguisher and got to work. We painted it with a fresh fire red layer and a green colored handle. After that we designed a new label inspired by the tabasco bottles. 

Project 2
I designed and made a little fire alarm box. For this assignment I wanted to again take a form, like a fire alarm, and make it more a way to express myself. I laser cut all the different parts so I could built the box. I also wanted some text on it. 
For me the alarm is a symbol to ask for help when you need it. Sometimes when I look around at work or at school I notice that some people never ask for help, even when they know they need it. Some people do not feel comfortable so I tried to make it more a fun thing to do. 
Inside the box you find a matches box with questions that could help you express yourself.
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